Agro-exporter stock market prices – 2020 09 18

Agro-exporter stock market prices

Official Prices
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Argentina
GRAIN QUOTES Law: 18/09/2020

Wheat for bread
FOB: 247 u$s/ton
FAS: 15.030 $/ton
Yellow Corn
FOB: 194 u$s/ton
FAS: 11.693 $/ton
Sunflower oilseed
FOB: 360 u$s/ton
FAS(*): 27.744 $/ton
Soybean oilseed
FOB: 434 u$s/ton
FAS: 20.584 $/ton
(*) Theoretical FAS (Includes bonuses for fat). Calculation formula is modified as of 02/14/19
Theoretical FAS of Soybeans and Sunflower: Corresponds to the Payment Capacity of the Exporting Oil Industry

Córdoba contributed 40.3 million tons to the national grain harvest

The results of the 2019/2020 campaign represent the second best harvest in the history of the province.

harvest corn infocampo
Facundo Mesquida



The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of  , through the Integrated Agricultural Information System, released the productive results of the 2019/2020 campaign, which resulted in a total production of more than 40.3 million tons of grains, which it represents the second best harvest in the history of the province.

The report of the Agriculture and Livestock portfolio corresponds to the sum of the six main  that are produced in Cordoba territory, where  was the one with the highest production, reaching a harvest of 19.4 million tons; the  , 14.6;  , 4.3; peanuts, 953,370 tons; sorghum, 830,000 and sunflower, 74,570.


As reported by the Ministry, the results “exceeded the expectations of the first months of this year, when the projections were aimed at reaching a total of 40 million.”

The best record of provincial production for the sum of these six crops occurred in the previous season when the record of 41,591,221 tons of grains had been reached.

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Sergio Busso, stressed that “with these numbers the Cordovan agricultural sector continues to demonstrate its potential”, and pointed out that “in two years in a row we have obtained the record of grain harvesting and the second best campaign speaks to the clear that our producers know how to do things well, because they generate, but they also do it in a sustainable way ”.






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