Brokers – With vertirce in agribusiness trader in Argentina

Description of the service It is a service that allows buyers, brokers and sellers that operate in the physical grain market, to access an Internet site where they can electronically instrument, sign and register grain purchase and sale contracts that until now are formalize on paper. The digital signature is generated using a smart card that contains the user’s private key. To use this card, you must have a reader device that connects to the computer. The digital certificates, necessary to use the digital signature, are issued under the Symantec Trust Network, world leader in the field. What advantages and benefits does Confirma offer?It is more agile

It allows to reduce considerably the times of the process of signing of the contracts
of purchase of grains.

Streamlines commercial operations as a result of the reduction in time that the service allows.

It is more efficient. It allows real-time information on the status of contract signing. It generates significant savings throughout the commercial chain, considering increases in productivity, derived from the greater speed of instrumentation and signing of contracts. Reduces operating costs due to the replacement of paper with electronic media. It is safe Anticipates and reduces the risk of fraudulent maneuvers.

Check that the natural persons who digitally sign the contracts representing the companies have sufficient power to do so.

Validates the information contained in the digital certificates necessary for the use
of the digital signature.

Ensures the integrity of signed contracts.