Gentlemen I present the projection of future FOB prices of grains Wheat Durum 1001-19-00 Wheat, Candeal, In bulk with up to 15% bagging 315 Dec / 2020 Feb / 2021 1001-19-00 Wheat, Candeal, In bulk with up to 15% bagging 317 Mar / 2021 Nov / 2021 1001-19-00 Wheat, Candeal,…

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Agro Trade Channel

Enter the international trade channel for agro commodities + 100.000 Farmers + 50.000 Manufactured + 100.000 Trade + 10.000 Transport Open access: https://teams.microsoft.com/join/2hhj6g54qfd5

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Soybean Meal 48% ~ 43%

Soybean Meal 48% 43%
Origin: Argentina
Trading: GRAIN Trader Argentina Corp

Offer / download: https://graintraderargentina.com/download/SCO%20-%20Soybean%20Meal%20-%20GRAIN%20Trader%20Argentina%20Corp.pdf

Norman Gerrard +1 (786) 480-9038 (USA)

Juan M. Niveyro +54 9 362 472 5988 (Argentina)

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SCO Agrocommodities – GRAIN Trader Argentina Corp

Gent Please, download SCO for agrocommodities. Welcome! SCO December 2020 GRAIN Trader Argentina Corp DOWNLOAD ​ Official Prices Agrocommodities – December 14, 2020 GRAIN Trader Argentina Corp Board of Trade Agrocommodities from Argentina info@graintraderargentina.com 📲 +54 9 (362) 472-5988 🌽🌾🌻🌱

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Can soy exceed the $ 500 barrier in Chicago?

Can soy exceed the $ 500 barrier in Chicago? https://tn.com.ar/campo/2020/12/14/puede-la-soja-superar-la-barrera-de-los-500-dolares-en-chicago/ Specialists considered that the Chinese demand and the development of the bean agricultural cycle in Brazil and Argentina will be decisive for the evolution of international prices. Publication date: December 14, 2020, 12:52 p.m. The United States Department of Agriculture…

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Official Prices Agrocommodities – December 11, 2020

Official Prices Agrocommodities – December 11, 2020 Click here to see online Company Agro & Food Commodities Todos los nombrados aquí, en este email, acuerdan que todas las divergencias, cuestiones o reclamaciones que surjan de o que se relacionen con cualquiera de las relaciones jurídicas que se deriven de este…

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Ports bulk grains Argentina

Sea & River Ports Argentinean – GRAIN Trader Argentina Access click here Dear Sirs Commercial – Partners – Clients Sea & River Port Argentinean   Undersecretariat of Agricultural Markets Argentine ports The development of the ports contributes to the economy of the nations, since these have an important participation within…

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