Agro Trade Channel

Enter the international trade channel for agro commodities + 100.000 Farmers + 50.000 Manufactured + 100.000 Trade + 10.000 Transport Open access:

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Soybean Meal 48% ~ 43%

Soybean Meal 48% 43%
Origin: Argentina
Trading: GRAIN Trader Argentina Corp

Offer / download:

Norman Gerrard +1 (786) 480-9038 (USA)

Juan M. Niveyro +54 9 362 472 5988 (Argentina)

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Ports bulk grains Argentina

Sea & River Ports Argentinean – GRAIN Trader Argentina Access click here Dear Sirs Commercial – Partners – Clients Sea & River Port Argentinean   Undersecretariat of Agricultural Markets Argentine ports The development of the ports contributes to the economy of the nations, since these have an important participation within…

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SOYBEAN NOT GENETICALLY MODIFIED (NON-GMO) Gent It is common for the international market to present high demands for NON-GMO GRAINS The world production is approximately 4% of the total soybean. This genetic condition is obtained from production projects Disposal not available on the free market The lateness from preparation of…

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Innovative Agrocommodities Commercial Strategy

Gentlemen I am writing to tell you about the success we have in this period of pandemic Large volume deals are not generated Now, the trend is to sell small quantities Directly to end sellers, local distributors We began to operate with commercials, intermediaries, facilitators who coordinate imports at destination…

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