It is common for the international market to present high demands for NON-GMO GRAINS
The world production is approximately 4% of the total soybean.

This genetic condition is obtained from production projects
Disposal not available on the free market
The lateness from preparation of the land to harvest must be qualified or certified and qualified

Impossible to get the provision from the moment of the demand
The current existence is managed by a closed group of products for a specific client that signed a contract with strong guarantees to solve the production and supply project.
In Argentina we have the qualified seed company to produce this soybean genetics and we also have all the extensions of fields to produce with traceability and certify NON-GMO
This product has international demands for a specific consumption

The by-products lack genetic condition because in the production process all the components are filtered to achieve the line of by-products.

There are very large markets that go through the genetic conditions and real names of the agricultural products to make unfair competition, managing to monopolize markets imposing lies, generating fear in the final consumers when they leave the normal supply network to seek new supply markets